Friday, 14 March 2014

Droplets From The Sky

To Live and to Love the Rains...

Most people I know sigh at the thought of rains. Personally, I don't understand it. I for one love the rains. I love almost everything about it.

I enjoy right from watching the rains sitting by the window eating brownies, drinking coffee, right up to playing football and getting drenched in it. Long drive/ride in the rain, sometimes even a swim.. Yeah I know what you non lovers are thinking! Why would I want the rain when i’m already wet in the pool and its cold. But its just something about it, that very few people get.

One fine Sunday, summer afternoon, I was lazing in my balcony and whiling away my time waiting for evening and the sun set. I don’t really enjoy everything that comes with the blaring heat even though I come from a very hot and humid place along the west coast. And no doubt I loved the coast not because of the hot beaches, but because of the cool ocean that I could swim in after a long, sweaty game of football or volleyball or simply running around on the beach. I could go on about the summer heat but getting back to my balcony...

The weather started changing gradually enough not to surprise anyone and quick enough to be noticed. The sky started blowing cooler wind and it’s brightness started fading away. It seemed as though the clouds began conquering the sky. And soon enough heavy droplets of water started free falling from the sky and hit the ground hard enough that I could hear it from a height. Like as if it was trying to make a point or catch my attention as if I were ignoring it.

So I watched the rain, sniffed the smell caused due to these tiny organisms in the mud when the water hits it. In better words “The smell of the rain”. At once I felt rejuvenated and each part of my body awakened and I felt alive again. "The high that rain brings with it". I didn't need to drag myself to the edge. I walked straight up with excitement like a small kid running towards the sound of the ice cream truck. I walked in an attempt to hide my excitement.

I watched the rain falling on the trees, the drops dripping from one leaf to the other, as though the leaves sought to elements like the wind and rain to share messages with one another. The trees seemed like they were dancing as their leaves moved up and down with the heavy drops of rain. I watched the raindrops fall from the bottom most leaves onto the dirty, dusty cars parked outside. As if each drop was responsible to clean a spot of dust and collect the traces of dirt along its way to the ground. I watched the raindrops seeping into and vanishing through the holes of the newly tarred road. I watched how the color of the road turned dark creating a contrast to the clean white marble on the walkway. I watched the riders bike tyres sprinkling water on the rider behind him, the water collected from the road while making a peculiar noise, which was quicker with the speed. I watched the cars, buses, and trucks splashing water ruthlessly on the pedestrians walking by. I watched the dogs run from the streets to find some shelter. And one of them wriggled himself splashing the water onto the other dogs unintentionally, who all probably cursed him under their breath as they moved away.

All this splashing took me down memory lane. I thought about the days when I was a school going kid. How during the summer we longed for some rain. I thought about how when the rains were in, puddles and pot holes were formed all around the place, how I would plunge into them to splash water on my friends and how that would start a water splashing war with sounds of giggles and laughter. I thought of how I used to catch tadpoles from these big puddles almost like little ponds after the school bus dropped us off about half a mile away from home. I thought how we walked back home slowly in the rain comparing our findings. I thought of how we got wet and just pretended to run away from the rain few meters down the road from our homes while we tried to come up with perfect excuses of how there was no way to avoid getting drenched. All that pretense only cause we loved it and were afraid of the yelling we were sure to receive from our worried parents which no reasoning could dodge.

As I grew older the rains brought in new moments of happiness. Being in the arms of a loved one either in the rain or snuggled up together, cozy in bed. A long lonely walk in the rain with tears in the eyes camouflaged by raindrops. A jog on the beach in the rain with a sporty friend. Reliving childhood memories dancing in the rain or sitting in a fogged up car enacting moments from The Titanic movie and laughing about it with your best friend.

I remember one very specific moment about a year and half ago, when I went out on a weekend with colleagues and friends to a place in between hills. And it poured like crazy. As all of them snuggled up together under umbrellas and rain jackets, I walked into the middle of the bridge which seemed like the most open and accessible place where the rain poured heavily down and enjoyed the silence of the crowd and traffic and the jabber of the rain.

The rain arrives with good old memories and space for new happy moments...


  1. I feel like you look a rain enthusiast. I think that It is good to have good memories for something in our life. Generally, many people make their good or bad memories when they are young. I guess that you had childwood’s lovely memories when it rained. And you recall memories of childhood when it rains. In my case, whenever it rains, I recall my old memory that I ate Korean pizza which cook by Mom on the floor of my old house. So, I sometimes eat it on raining day. I was deeply impressed with your words “the smell of the rain”. How could you smell the rain? Please keep these good memories all your life. It will make your life a lot richer.

    1. Yes it is true. I have more good memories than bad ones attached to the rain. But it's always good to take good memories ahead and remember bad ones only as a lesson but not as a burden. Few ways to stay happy in life.


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